About Us

Wildcraft Herbs understands why many seek out this particular group of herbs.  For this reason we've featured hearts on each label  and named our tincture specialty herbs our "Healing Hearts Series." From our hearts to yours, on your road to wellness.


Recommended by Stephen Buhner, we carry both the 3 Herbs Babs Blend and the 3 Herbs Bart Blend.

Under their real Botanical plant names we carry these herb extracts eg:


  • Otoba Bark is the botanical name for the herb used in Banderol.


  • Campsiandra Angustifolia is the botanical name for the herb used in Cumanda.

    Wildcraft Herb's tincture is organic non gmo alcohol and organic non gmo glycerine based.

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At Wildcraft Herbs we take time to find the highest quality herbs for our customers. We source through reputable licensed herb brokers and our herbs are certified organic and free of pesticides. People today are rightfully concerned about pesticides and chemicals, most people aware each country has different environmental protections. We consider these variables when sourcing herbs, therefore we don't source in countries lax in environmental protections and known to be higher in chemicals and pesticides.


We use only wildcrafted plants that have been ethically and responsibly harvested.