Tincture FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Do you use dried or fresh herb?

- Our tinctures are made from the dried whole form of the plant unless otherwise stated.

- There is absolutely no chemical process to our tincture making.

- Our plants are chemical and pesticide free.

- At Wildcraft Herbs we take time to find the highest quality herbs for our customers. We source through reputable licensed herb brokers and our herbs are certified organic and free of pesticides. People today are rightfully concerned about pesticides and chemicals, most people aware each country has different environmental protections. We consider these variables when sourcing herbs, therefore we don't source in countries lax in environmental protections and known to be higher in chemicals and pesticides in too many areas. We use only wildcrafted plants that have been ethically and responsibly harvested.

Is your glycerine animal or vegetable sourced?

- Our glycerine is organic non gmo coconut based glycerine and it's made here by a Canadian company.

What is alcohol volume percentage in your alcohol based tincture?

- Wildcraft Herbs uses certified organic non gmo alcohol and the volume is 45% alcohol.

What is the ratio of your alcohol based tincture?

- Our alcohol based tincture ratio is 1:3.

- 1 part plant to 3 parts liquid.

What is the ratio of your glycerine based tincture?

- Our glycerine based tincture ratio is 1:5.

- 1 part plant to 5 parts liquid.

How long do you soak (macerate) your herbs?

- To macerate simply means to soak in liquid.

- Wildcraft Herbs macerates our plants for a minimum of 6 weeks to yield a stronger more
potent tincture.

How many drops are in a 2 oz tincture bottle?

- There are approximately 1000 drops in a 2 oz bottle.

- 30 drops a day x 33 days = 990 drops.

- 30 drops per day would last just over 33 days.

How many teaspoons are in a 4 oz bottle?


- 24 teaspoon in a 4 oz bottle.
- 3 tsp a day x 8 days = 24 teaspoons.

- At 3 tsp a day your 4 oz bottle would last 8 days.

How long does alcohol based tincture last?

- Alcohol is a natural preservative which extends alcohol tincture life to 5 years from manufacturing.

How long does glycerine based tincture last?

Glycerine tincture has a shorter shelf life of 14 - 24 months.

How do I store alcohol tincture?

-It is not necessary to store alcohol tincture in the fridge.

- Keep tincture in it's amber glass bottle and store it in a cool dark spot.
- Never store tincture in plastic. Toxins can leach into your herb tincture from plastic containers.

How do I store glycerine tincture?

- Keep glycerine tincture in it's amber glass bottle and refridgerate to extend life and for maximum freshness.

- Never store tincture in plastic. Toxins can leach into your herb tincture from plastic

When does my tincture expire?

You'll find expiration dates on the label of each bottle.

Non gmo, organic and gluten free?


Are your packing peanuts biodegradable?

Yes. As of February 2020, our packing peanuts are now biodegradable.

Our packing peanuts decompose in water leaving no toxic waste. FDA compliant.

Static-free organic starch. Dispenses and vacuums like traditional peanuts.

May I send in my empty tincture bottles for you to recycle?

Unfortunatey we are not set up for that at this time. We kindly ask that you recycle your empty tincture bottles with your glass recyclables.