Shipping Q & A

Where are you located and where do you ship?

- Wildcraft Herbs is located on the West Coast of Canada in the province of British Columbia and we ship to the US & internationally on this site.         Please see our shipping page for rates and timelines for US & international. We ship to Canada on our sister site

How soon do you ship from the time I place my order?

- Please allow 1 to  3 business days from purchase.

If I place my order Friday does it get shipped on Monday?

- Any order placed on Friday, will go out in 1 to 2 business days. Your order will be shipped after that weekend on the following Monday or                  Tuesday.

-We ship Canada Post Tracked Package therefore you always get a system generated tracking #. 

  A tracking # with 2 letters in the beginning and 2 letters at the end, and 9 numbers in the middle is an "international tracking number."
                                                                                                   EG: LM 094 427 551 CA

  This means you can use your tracking number in the Canada Post tracking part of their website.

  This also means the US can use this same tracking # in the USPS tracking part of their website once your package leaves Canada.
  Many countries internationally can use this same number in their country's website to track their package once it leaves Canada.


  •  Canada Post Tracking. Put your tracking # in the box. Click the blue link below.

  • US residents, use Canada Post website and once it's left Canada click the blue link below to track USPS.

How do I track my package?

I need my package shipped faster than regular mail.

- Wildcraft Herbs has 3 shipping rates for the US and 1 or 2 ship rates for international. Please visit our shipping page for our 1) Regular Ship Tracked Package Rates  2) Expedited Tracked Packet Rates 3) Xpresspost Tracked Package Rates. 

What happens if my package is delayed at customs?

- Customs delays appear to be rare but they do happen. We've been contacted by customers 3 times regarding delays which turned out to be             customs delays. Each time however the package passed through customs after the delay. They were simply random flags.

   Unfortunately Wildcraft Herbs can't offer refunds due to customs delays extending timelines on packages. Customs delays are simply out of our       control. We are very sorry for this inconvenience as we do realize our customers need their products in a timely fashion. 

   Wildcraft Herbs is not responsible for indefinite holds by Customs on product. 

   Wildcraft Herbs is not responsible for any added Customs fees or taxes incurred due to your country's policies.

   Please be aware of your country's import product policies before purchasing.
I forget to update my shipping address and my package is going to the wrong address.