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Welcome Practitioners

  • For LLMD and Naturopath Practitioner account approval please follow the steps below.

  • Wildcraft Herbs does require proof of Practitioner License and a visual current practice to open a Practitioner Account.

  • Wildcraft Herbs does require a Resale License or Business License and a visual shop or website for resellers.

  • Once approved, you can shop product and place your order through the Practitioner Entrance below after you log in.

  • For further questions please contact us at or 250-466-9099.

  • Wildcraft Herbs doesn't permit or allow the sale or resale of any of our products by unauthorized distributers incuding but not limited to retailers, mail order sellers, and online sellers, eg. Ebay, Amazon, or any such platform.


                                                                    We do appreciate your understanding regarding our distribution policies.

Thankyou for your interest!